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제3회 아시아원생생물학회 개최 알림
Date 2018-10-10
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제 3회 아시아원생생물학회 개최를 알려드립니다.

학회명: The 3rd Asian Congress of Protistology (ACOP2018)

기간: 2018년 11월 24일~26일

장소: Kaifeng Hotel (, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, 중국


회원분들의 많은 관심을 바랍니다.

관련이메일을 아래에 첨부합니다.


제목: ACOP 2018-The 3rd Asian Congress of Protistology

Invitation to join the “The 3rd Asian Congress of Protistology”, November 24 to 26, 2018.

Dear All,

You may find the ACOP online annoucement on Home page of Chinese Protozoological Society.

The purpose of this letter is to welcome you, to be a speaker at the upcoming “The 3rd Asian Congress of Protistology” (ACOP2018), which will be held in Kaifeng Hotel ( of Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, PR China from November 24 to 26, 2018. It aims to provide a communication and cooperation platform for protozoologists from different countries of Asia to present their current progresses on protozoa and to discuss the potential opportunities working together on the topics that they are interested in. 
The Congress will be focused on several topics including: 1) Biodiversity and evolution of parasitic and free living protozoa. 2) Cellular and molecular biology of protozoa; 3) Protozoa on Ecology and environment; 4) Morphology, taxonomy, phylogeny and systematic; 5) Host and parasitic protozoan interaction. 6) Genomes of free living and parasitic species.
We look forward to having your confirmation to presence at ACOP2018. 

Best regards,

Prof. Zhao-Rong Lun, PhD

Oh the behave of Organizing Committee, 
De-Hua Lai, PhD; Yan-Zi Wen, PhD; Prof. Zhao-Rong Lun, PhD
State Key Laboratory of Biocontrol, 
School of Life Sciences and,
Sun Yat-Sen University 
Xingangxi Rd # 135, 
Guangzhou 510275, P.R. China
Tel: +86-13242313884(D.H.L)+86-13763354986(Z.R.L),+86-20-84113010/84115079/84115070(Office and Lab);

ACOP2018 Secretariat: Prof. Shan Gao, PhD
ACOP2018 Chairman: Prof. Weibo Song, PhD
Institute of Evolution and Marine Biodiversity, Ocean University of China, No. 5 Yushan Road, Qingdao, China.
Tel: +86-532-82032283; E-mail: